Dormitory 2 “ŠD2”

Dormitory 2  “ŠD2”

Komenského 20, 
974 01 Banská Bystrica 
Head of Dormitory ŠD: p. Vařeková Ružena
phone: +42148 446 3316

Bus connection:

Nr.43 from bus station (parking at “Mičinská street”) in the direction to “Uľanka”
Nr.24 from “Strieborné námestie” or from shopping mall EUROPA in the direction to “Sásová”
Nr.25 from the bus stop close to “Spojové učilište” college in the direction to “Sásová”
Nr.35, 36 from train station in the direction to “Podlavice”


2-bed rooms with private bathroom, shower, sink, balcony. Two beds with storage space, bedside table, coffee table, two chairs, two stools, two built-in wardrobes, writing desk, shelf, internal telephone phone line with the possibility to connect a call from outside  (telephone number 4463 + extension, which is the room number), 2 bedside lamps, anti-allergic bed linen, terry towels, blankets. There is a possibility to borrow an iron for a short time. The rooms have an internet connection for MBU employees and students (you need your own cables).