Boarding options

Every MBU student, regardless of whether they have been provided the accommodation or not, has the option to eat in student canteens – on Tajovského 40 Street (Dormitory 1 – "ŠD1" and Trieda SNP 53 Street (Dormitory 4 – "ŠD4"), Banská Bystrica SÚZ UMB.

Student canteen at Dormitory 1

Enrolled student will receive an ISIC card from the Study Department at the date of their registration.The card must be activated in the student canteen at Tajovského 40 Street (ŠD1). After activation, the student can credit it.

Student can purchase meal vouchers in the canteen at Tr. SNP 53 Street (ŠD4); vouchers are only for this canteen and they are valid until the end of the calendar year.

A meal at the canteen costs 1,72 EUR. Student is entitled to 60 collected meals (lunch, dinner).