Selection of implemented international projects:

E+ KA2         

Adult Literacies as Benefit for Inclusion and Equity (ALBIE), coordinator 2016 – 2018

E+ KA2         

Service Learning In Higher Education (SLIHE), coordinator 2017-2020

E+ KA2         

The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the studentsʾ practical training process (ACCMETH), 2015-2018   


High school teacher competence in change, 2017 - 2018


Chain Reaction: A Sustainable approach to Inquiry Based Science Education,     2013 – 2016


Mapping the population, careers, mobilities and impacts of advanced research degree graduates in the social sciences and humanities (POCARIM), 2012-2014


RSAI Regional Science Association International: Nurturing New Talent 2017 Engines of Scientific Career (ESC), 2017


The acquisition of science competencies through ICT real time experiments (LLP COMENIUS EACEA ref. 517587-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-COMENIUS-CMP)

LLP E+          

HOPE – Horizons in Physics Education, 2013 – 2016


STAKEHOLDERS TUNE EUROPEAN PHYSICS STUDIES – TWO (STEPS TWO) (Erasmus academic network, 2008 – 2011).

LEONARDO ComLab2: Computerised Laboratory in Science and Technology Teaching – part 2. (Leonardo da Vinci II, 2005 – 2007).


The Influence of Computer Animated Models on Pupils´ Understanding of Natural Phenomena in the Micro-world Level (Visegrad Fund 10208-2006-IVF, 2006)


Selection of implemented national projects:



Children at the threshold of education and their world, 2015-2017


Mobility - enhancing science, research and education at the Matej Bel University, ITMS code: 26110230082: Activity 1.3 (Education – Research – Evaluation) and Activity 1.4 Preparation of future primary teachers for English language teaching , 2013 – 2015