Accommodation and Boarding

Accommodation and food options

Most MBU students are accommodated in university dormitories. Students are also staying in private accommodation – advertised locally. Catering - lunch and dinner - is available in university canteens. There are many dining options in the town (restaurants, fast foods, grocery stores).

University dormitories at MBU provide accommodation to their full-time students for the duration of the academic year and to students studying in external form of studies for the short-term period. Each year about 500 to 700 students find themselves some secondary school accommodation facilities and corporate dormitories in Banská Bystrica and the surrounding area with wider capacities.
In case you were not provided accommodation in the dormitories, you also have the option of external accommodation at family pensions.

Boarding options

Every MBU student, regardless of whether they have been provided the accommodation or not, has the option to eat in student canteens – on Tajovského 40 Street (Dormitory 1 – "ŠD1") and Trieda SNP 53 Street (Dormitory 4 – "ŠD4").