Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”

Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”

Tajovského 40, 974 01 Banská Bystrica 
Head of Dormitory “ŠD1”: Ing. Orlíčková Katarína 
phone: 048/446 7619 

door-keeper: 048/446 7620 

Bus connection:

  • Bus Nr.34 in the direction to “Podlavice, Skubín”
  • Trolleybus Nr.1 in the direction to the hospital (bus stop “SOU Tajovského  ulica” + 5 minute´s walk)

Accommodation: 3-bed room + 2-bed room in one apartment with common bathroom, – toilet, sinks, shower. An apartment is equipped with beds, bedside table, wardrobe, shelf, chair, desk, duvet, pillow, blanket, bed linen. There is a shared kitchen on each floor with cookers, microwave and kettle. Internet connection is available on each room.

Meeting rooms: study rooms, V – club managed by students.

Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”Dormitory 1 “ŠD1”