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Irish Studies and Irish Language

Dear students of Matej Bel University (2020/2021 Academic Year)

You are offered an extraordinary chance to sign up to classes in

Irish Studies and Irish Language

(lectured by Irish-language speaker and graduate of University College Cork in Ireland, Criostóir Ó Loingsigh, M.A.)


...and become a nominee for a Scholarship to Ireland

For more information contact:

Mgr. Anna Slatinská, PhD., anna.slatinska

Criostóir Ó Loingsiġ, M.A.

Dept. of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, UMB

Subjects´ codes for Irish language (Írsky jazyk) and Irish studies (Írske štúdie):

1-for beginners, 3 – for advanced


Bachelor´s program


Írsky jazyk 1


Írsky jazyk 3


Írske štúdie 1


Írske štúdie 3


Master´s program



Írsky jazyk 1
2dajs-306  Írsky jazyk 3
2dajs-307  Írske štúdie 1
2dajs-311  Írske štúdie 3


Enrolled students are welcomed to attend an initial meeting after the new academic year´s opening (the exact date will be specified later).