Zoznam projektov

  Názov Rola Schéma Koordinuje Detaily projektu
1. JaSom - Sebaidentifikácia v multietnickom prostredí ako prostriedok etnickej tolerancie koordinátor EACEA
Ing. Z. Kvetková JaSom detail
2.  DANUBE - Rozvoj nových andragogických diagnostických prístupov a intervencií fenoménu docility dospelých koordinátor EACEA
Ing. L. Mikolajová DANUBE detail
3.  CEPIL - Cross-border litigation in Central-Europe: EU private international law before national courts partner Justice Action Grant Ing. K. Lukáčová CEPIL detail
4.  DocEnhance - Enhancing skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes by providing transferable skills training through an open online platform
partner H2020 Ing. K. Lukáčová DocEnhance detail
5.  FAKESPOTTING partner



Ing. Z. Kvetková FAKESPOTTING detail
6.  GENDERACTION - Gender equality in the ERA Community to innovate policy implementation partner H2020 Ing. K. Lukáčová GENDERACTION detail
7.  INCULTUM - Visiting the Margins. INnovative CULtural ToUrisM in European peripheries partner H2020 Ing. Z. Kvetková INCULTUM detail

MARDS - Reforming doctoral studies in Montenegro and Albania – good practice paradigm

partner Erasmus+ Ing. Z. Kvetková MARDS detail
9. ORM - Online reputation management in Tourism partner Erasmus+ Ing. L. Mikolajová ORM detail
10. PAQUALITY– Public Administration Education Quality Enhancement partner EACEA / Erasmus+ Ing. Z. Kvetková



11. RadoNorm - Towards effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and social considerations - focus on radon and norm partner H2020 Ing. K. Lukáčová RadoNorm detail
12. SLUSIK - Service Learning Upscaling Social Inclusion for Kids partner EACEA / Erasmus+ KA3 Ing. Z. Kvetková

SLUSIK detail



Ukončené projekty
1. SLIHE - Service learning in higher education – fostering the third mission of universities and civic engagement of students koordinátor EACEA
Ing. I. Kýpeťová SLIHE detail
2. ALBIE- Adult Literacies as Benefit for Inclusion and Equity koordinátor EACEA
Ing. Z. Kvetková ALBIE detail
3. THOR - Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions koordinátor COST Mgr. J. Kunická THOR detail
4. RUINS - Sustainable re-use, preservation and modern management of historical ruins in Central Europe – elaboration of integrated model and guidelines based on the synthesis of the best European experiences partner INTERREG
Ing. Z. Kvetková RUINS detail
5. ACCMETH - The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the students’ practical training process partner EACEA
Mgr. S. Kunová ACCMETH detail
6. CFF – Cook For the Future: NEW VET HORIZONS FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION IN FOOD SERVICE partner EACEA / Erasmus+ Ing. I. Kýpeťová CFF detail
7. ETNOFOLK – Preservation and Enhancement of Folk Culture Heritage in Central Europe partner Central Europe Programme Mgr. J. Kunická ETNOFOLK detail
8. ESC - Engines of scientific career koordinátor RSAI Regional Science Association International Ing. I. Kýpeťová ESC detail
9. FINAC - Financial Management, Accounting and Controlling curricula development for capacity building of public administration partner EACEA
Ing. Z. Kvetková FINAC detail
10. FOLPSEC - Functioning of the local production systems in the conditions of economic crisis partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová FOLPSEC detail
11. GENDERA - Gender Debate in the European Research Area partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová GENDERA detail
12. GENPORT -  An internet portal for sharing knowledge and inspiring collaborative action on gender and science partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová GENPORT detail
13. chREACT - Chain Reaction: A Sustainable Approach to Inquiry Based Science Education partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová chREACT detail
14. IPPA - Implementing Public Participation Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová IPPA detail
15. LIPSE - Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová LIPSE detail
16. MOBILE IDENTITIES - Migration and integration in transnational communities partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová MOBILE IDENTITIES detail
17. PLATENSO - Building a platform for enhanced societal research related to nuclear energy in Central and Eastern Europe partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová PLATENSO detail
18. POCARIM - Mapping the population, careers, mobilities and impacts of advanced research degree graduates in the social sciences and humanities partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová POCARIM detail
19. PROMISE - PROMoting youth Involvement and Social Engagement: Opportunities and challenges for ˈconflictedˈ young people across Europe partner H2020 Ing. I. Kýpeťová PROMISE detail
20. SilViAlp - Silver Via Alpina partner FP7 Ing. I. Kýpeťová SilViAlp detail
21. SOLIDUS -  Solidarity in European societies: empowerment, social justice and citizenship partner H2020 Ing. I. Kýpeťová SOLIDUS detail
22. IPEMOS - Interdisciplinárny prístup k elektronickému monitoringu obvinených a odsúdených osôb v slovenskom prostredí hlavný riešiteľ APVV M. Fodorová IPEMOS detail