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1. I want to come to study at Matej Bel University, what do I need to do?

Matej Bel University welcomes international students via various programs. The most popular is Erasmus. In order to apply for this program you need to be nominated by your home university first. You can find more detailed information in the Application process.

2. How can I apply for the Erasmus program at Matej Bel University?

Once you are nominated by your home university, you need to follow our Application process. The most important part is to fill in our Online Application form and submit all the necessary attachments.

3. Do I need visa to come to study to Slovakia?

This depends on a number of factors and you can find all the necessary information in Visa requirements. Please, be sure to study them carefully, as you are fully responsible for completing the visa process correctly. However, if you need assistance our visa coordinator will be happy to help you.