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About Banska Bystrica

More than one artist has written about the magic of Banská Bystrica. Banská Bystrica is really full of attractions - besides history, hiking trails and fun activities you will find friends for life since you have decided to come for Erasmus over here.
You can explore the pretty historical center, discover the past at the Slovak National Uprising Museum, enjoy skiing with friends nearby, dance in the Ministry of Fun and many other dance clubs and have a great drink in bars. Banská Bystrica combines history and modernity, the city and beautiful nature. The possibilities of what to do here in summer and winter are really endless. Some international students called it “green city during summers, colourful during autumns”.
Check out some Instagram accounts of Banská Bystrica even before your arrival. During the Welcome Week we will prepare a city tour and trips across the region. Here is the link for a brochure with our highly recommended places to see.