Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

Course title: Marketing Communication

Number of credits: 5

Study degree: bachelor, master

Language: English

Lecturer: Dr. Katarína Vitálišová

Learning hours: 26 h

Administration fee: 15 €

Course content:

Integrated marketing communication and its individual components and forms. Process of marketing communication, and individual parts of communication process when addressing a customer. Marketing communication through advertising. Models of influence of advertising, advertising plan, cooperation with advertising agencies. Advertising on the internet. Publicity and public relations. Target groups, PR, tools of PR, PR plan. PR and advertising. Crisis communication. Personal sale, trade fairs and exhibitions. Tools of sale support in trade, and in customer sphere. Direct marketing and the use of electronic media. Advertising legislation, ethics in advertising. Research in media – qualitative and quantitative.

Learning objectives:

After completion of the course, the student:

  1. uses suitable models of marketing communication with the market, from the point of view of an enterprise, as well as the addressed market,
  2. is able to suggest suitable form of communication according to the character of the target market, type of product, and the stage of its life cycle,
  3. applies new knowledge about current forms and media in the field of marketing communication,
  4. assesses suitability of the choice of the form and means of marketing communication with the
  5. market, in relation to the goals of marketing communication, and sources of the enterprise for
  6. communication with the market,
  7. can evaluate effectiveness of marketing communication in individual media,
  8. creates a plan of marketing communication, which he/she is able to implement in practice.

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)

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Petra Žaludová, 


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