Intercomprehension within Romance languages

Intercomprehension within Romance languages

Students will learn about historical development of Romance languages. They will improve their contextual prediction skills by developing strategies of discovering meanings from sentence structures and word morphology. They will be able to compare phonetic-phonological, grammatical and lexical systems of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. On the basis of this comparison they are able to partially understand written texts in Romance language.

Course title: Intercomprehension within Romance languages

Number of credits: 5

Study degree: bachelor, master

Language: French or Italian or Spanish B1/B2

Lecturer: Dr. Katarína Chovancová

Learning hours: 26 h

Administration fee: 15 €

Brief outline of the course:

  • Romance language in diachronic perspective. Historical development of Romance language from Latin all the way to their contemporary form. Phonetic and phonological systems of Romance languages in contrastive perspective. Overview of basic knowledge about historical grammar of Romance languages.
  • Romance languages in synchronic perspective. Comparison of grammatical systems of contemporary Romance languages with the accent on morphosyntax of nouns and verbs. Transparent zones in vocabulary of Romance languages.
  • Current Romance languages. Position of Romance languages from the sociolinguistic point of view (statute, territories). Language policy of countries using Romance languages and its goals.
  • Seminars focus on deepening of practical communication skills in Romance languages.

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)

Anita Dienešová, 
Petra Žaludová,