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Dramatic transitions: poetics of displacements and scenic transfers in Latin America

The different aesthetic experiences of theatricality in Latin America have historically had different paths. The crisis of thematic, theoretical and praxis unity in the field of theater goes hand in hand with the different theoretical perspectives on which they are based. The critical theory of theater that has undertaken a project trying to define or classify these circuits in their diversities, has given at the same time with unclear results; and although sometimes the attempts are criticized, it still does not have a theoretical model to follow that channels all these discourses and approaches and thus place them on a single path. The theory of Dramatic Transitions attempts to present a theoretical model in which this axis is defined and outlined. It is known what the theories are, but it is not known how they were produced and what was their point of connection with the great narratives, where they started from and why they took that course and destiny.


Course title: Dramatic transitions: poetics of displacements and scenic transfers in Latin America

Number of credits: 3

Course duration: 15. 9. 2021 – 5. 12. 2021 (weekly)

Maximum capacity: 15 students 

Language: English

Lecturer: Carlos Dimeo

Learning hours26 hours (2 hours per week)

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)


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