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Hydrology of Small Catchments

The course builds on the "Fundamentals Of Climatology And Hydrology" looking at the impact of atmospheric and hydrologic processes on catchment runoff and river morphology. The main objective of the course is to help the student better understand the processes affecting small catchments which are often subjected to flooding or droughts. The main principles and conditions of precipitation and its impact on river discharges, flow velocity and river morphology or water retention capacity are explained and discussed with the student. The study examples will be brought from small, forested catchments in Slovakia. Student will actively work with field data and will be asked to complete various hydrological analyses.


Course title: Hydrology of Small Catchments

Number of credits: 2

Course duration: February – June 2022 (weekly)

Maximum capacity: 20 students

Language: English

Lecturer: Mgr. Lenka Balážovičová, PhD.

Learning hours: 24 hour (2 hours per week)

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)


Anita Dienešová, anita.dienesova@umb.sk 
Petra Žaludová, petra.zaludova@umb.sk 

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