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Database Systems in Business

Database Systems in Business

Relational database management systems fundamentals will be explained in context of business usage. Reflection of business processes in database structure will be discussed. Practical skills of structured data processing will be exercised in MS Access & MS SQL Server, that belong to the most popular relational database management systems used by corporations worldwide.


Course title: Database Systems in Business

Number of credits: 4

Course duration: 10. 2. 2022 – 5. 5. 2022 (Thursday, 9:05 – 10:25, weekly)

Maximum capacity: 15 students

Language: English

Lecturer: Ing. Peter Laco, PhD.

Learning hours: 26 hours (2 hours per week)

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)


Anita Dienešová, 
Petra Žaludová,