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Blockchain in Finance

Blockchain in Finance

o Blockchain technology represents innovation that combines cryptography, ledger systems and smart contracts. It enables to make cost effective, immutable, private and secure transfers of value or information over decentralized computer network. The main focus of the course is application of blockchain in finance. Attention will be paid to decentralized finance, tokens and tokenization, investment in crypto assets, regulation and legal aspects, basics of money/credit, transaction costs and central bank digital currencies (CDBC). Student should acquire basic understanding of terminology, be able to critically assess opportunities and risks of the technology and gain digital competencies.


Course title: Blockchain in Finance

Number of credits: 4

Course duration: 7. 2. 2022 - 6. 5. 2022 (Thursday morning, weekly)

Maximum capacity: 40 students

Language: English

Lecturer: Ing. Ivan Sedliačik, PhD.

Learning hours26 hours (13 lectures x 2 hours)

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)


Anita Dienešová, 
Petra Žaludová,