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Academic reading, critical reading and intercultural awareness in EFL

The course is primarily aimed at students of philology (e.g. future teachers and interpreters/translators and other professional readers), however, it can be benfitial for any university student who wishes to improve his or her reading performance, academic reading skills and subskills and critical reading in L2 English as a foreign language at B2-C1 levels. The course is designed into seminar-formatted 26 lessons (13 weeks) via MS TEAMS and Moodle platform. Students will be acquainted with basic techniques and strategies of effective (quick and accurate) reading of linear and non-linear texts, text styles, parameters of an academic text, as well as other genres, e.g. artistic texts. In this course, students will gain transferable skills helpful in their following studies and life.


Course title: Academic reading, critical reading and intercultural awareness in EFL

Number of credits: 4

Course duration: Februar – June 2022 (Monday afternoon, weekly)

Maximum capacity: 18 students

Language: English

Lecturer: doc. PaedDr. Jana Javorčíková, PhD.

Learning hours: 26 hours (2 hours per week)

Methodology: e-learning course (MS Teams and Moodle)


Anita Dienešová, anita.dienesova@umb.sk 
Petra Žaludová, petra.zaludova@umb.sk 

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