Studying at MBU

Studying at the MBU

Information for Foreign Students

Welcome to the Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica.

You have enrolled in study programmes and specialized subjects taught in foreign languages for foreign students offered by the 6 faculties of the Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica ( Faculty of Economics Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Law).

You can choose from the following areas within your mobility or your study stay:


a) For applicants from abroad for study programmes taught in a foreign language

International applicants interested in one of the foreign language study programmes must declare their intent by completing an online application.

After successfully completing the admission procedure, you will need to declare your intent to enroll by filling in the return slips in the Administration Information System (AIS2) ( – module Admission Procedure (you can find the instructions on how to confirm the return slip at in the section Information for: Applicants for studies). - Instructions for confirmation Return slips (video instruction).

If you do not confirm your return slip within the set time limit, your application to study at MBU will be denied. Failure to declare the intent to study will result in a denial of admission into the study programme of choice. In accordance to section 9, para. 58 of Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education your space will be opened to the next applicant on the waitlist.

AIS2 user login information:

  • login: the personal number of an applicant; you will receive your personal login number with your admission acceptance.
  • password: the form of YYMMDD0000 for international applicants (YY – last two digits of the year of birth, MM – the month of birth, DD – the day of birth)

The Return Slip includes 4 parts:

  • confirm your personal and contact information;
  • apply for an ISIC card (for full-time or external study), which will be given to you at the Studies Administration Office;
  • upload a photograph for the ISIC card;
  • pay a fee for the ISIC card on the day of your official enrollment

b) For applicants from abroad for joint study programmes

Foreign students who had passed admission examination by the university abroad will be admitted on the basis of a bilateral agreement on joint study programmes or agreement on mutual cooperation with MBU. You will be notified of MBU’s admission decision by the Studies Administration Office and be provided with login information for AIS2 and informed of the starting date of the lessons. You can create a registration form after you login to AIS2.

The module Study Evidence contains information on creating a registration form for the upcoming academic year. According to your study plan and year of study, you will enroll in the courses on your registration form. If you need any additional assistance in your electronic registration, please contact your coordinator.

Information for entrance examination fees and tuition fees is available on the information sheets of the different study programmes to choose from. (study programmes taught in a foreign language)


Besides specialized computer classrooms at all Faculties of MBU, there are also the following items at students’ disposal:

Merit scholarship can be awarded to students who have displayed academic, research or athletic excellence during the previous semester. If you have any questions, please contact the Studies Administration Office of your faculty.

MBU offers accommodation in student residence halls (dormitories) for all foreign students. If you need residence hall accommodation you will be noted to apply for accommodation in return slip in AIS2. You will declare your intent by clicking the “YES“ button.

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