Studies Administration Section - application for university studies


Submitting an application for university studies

Any applicant for studies at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica shall apply for studies by filling in an application form and sending it in due time to the relevant faculty. Applications can be submitted

• in written form,

• in electronic form.



The application for university studies in the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as "application") to be filled in by the applicants for studies in the academic year 2015/2016:


The forms are available in press sales network or in selected stationeries (ŠEVT etc.).


When submitting the form electronically the applicant shall:

  • •fill in an electronic application form,
  • confirm the electronic application,
  • print the electronic application,
  • send the signed application with attachments by post.



The faculties of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica agree to reduce the fee for filling an electronic application only if it was submitted through e-Application of the University ( in the Academic Information System (AIS).

In the case of submitting an application through the central electronic university portal, the applicant shall pay the full amount.


Further information on submitting an electronic application to MBU faculties

The electronic application for the academic year 2015/2016 for all study programmes offered by the University faculties:

To register the e-application, it is necessary to:

1. Register ("Register").
ONE REGISTRATION IS SUFFICIENT for submitting e-applications for all faculties of Matej Bel University.
If you fill in an electronic application form on a computer accessible to other people, pay special attention to the protection of your personal information. The data in the University Information System has guaranteed adequate security, SSL protocol is used for the transmission of data. That is why, when logging into an electronic application, the browser will alert you of your connection to a secure network and you will be required to agree with the offered certification warning by clicking YES.

2. After your registration, you will get your access rights ("login" and "password") to log into the system.
The password must contain at least 6 characters, upper and lower case are recognised, it is also appropriate to involve a number and a non-alphanumeric character. Keep your username and password confidential. When entering the data into the electronic application form, pay attention to insert the entries correctly.

3. Important notice:
Each "application" shall indicate only one "study programme" for which it is necessary to choose only one subject of the admission procedure from the offer "subjects". (When selecting a combination of languages, the order of languages is decisive, such as. AJ / NJ, which means: the first foreign language is English and the second foreign language is German.)

4. Fill in all the details of the application.
After filling in the e-application, please check that all data has been entered correctly. You can return and modify the data entered into the application form. Be sure to save the application after each change. By clicking on the "Confirm" button you confirm the application. You will thus be able to generate the final printed application form.
ATTENTION! The confirmed application cannot be modified (this action is irreversible).

5. The applications filled in incorrectly and incompletely will not be accepted.

6. Clicking the key "View" the final form of the application will be displayed.
Use print preview and adjust the printing parameters, so that each page of the application fits on one sheet of A4. The application can also be printed in two sided printing.

7. The printed out and signed application form with the proof of payment for the entrance exam should be sent not later than the date specified in the "Rules for entrance examinations 2015/2016".

8. NEWS!
The application form can be sent electronically.


Personal data

Upon entering your personal identification number, your sex and date of birth is automatically added. Help: citizenship  – just enter 804, nationality – Ukrainian – 01.


Data on residence

Except for the permanent address it is possible to enter postal address.



Using PLUS you will select your study programme or subject you have applied for.


Previous education

After entering the Secondary school attended, the field Acquired Education shall fill in automatically. To complete the secondary school code use the code list (PLUS). By clicking the box “Only schools in the district of residence“ the code list reduces. Remember to fill in the year of your school leaving examination!


Secondary school results

Fill out in accordance with the requirements of the faculty you are applying for.



Mark the attachments you intend to send with the application form.


Confirm the completed application (the green button). It will appear in the list of applications as Registered. In this status, the application can be edited (Pencil button) or deleted. After each change, be sure to save the application by clicking on the "Confirm" button. You will thus be able to generate the final application form in print.


ATTENTION! The confirmed application cannot be modified (this action is irreversible).


In case of any problems and ambiguities please contact the administrators at faculties. The contacts are listed on the home screen in the top menu e-application – Support.




Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica ranks among the leading Slovak universities and is a part of the European educational and research associations. It offers a classic university range of education opportunities at all three levels and forms of studies in the area of educational, social, economic, legal, humanities, natural sciences and information technologies, mathematics, political science, international relations and foreign languages.


According to Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on amendments to certain laws, the standard length for bachelor study programmes is three years. The standard length of study for masters / engineering degree programs is two years.


The Bachelor studies graduates are awarded the degree of "Bachelor" (abbreviated as Bc.). The graduates of the Master's studies are awarded the academic degree of "Master" (abbreviated as Mgr.). The graduates of engineering studies are awarded the academic degree of "engineer" (abbreviated as Ing.).


Successful graduates who have obtained the degree of "Master" can take a rigorous examination, which includes the defence of a rigorous thesis in the field of study they graduated from or a related field of study. After the examination, they are awarded the degree according to field of study (JUDr., PaedDr., PhDr., RNDr.).


Doctoral studies are provided by all faculties of Matej Bel University in 48 accredited study programs. The standard length of study for a full-time doctoral study program is at least three years, in the external form it is not more than five years. The graduates of doctoral studies are awarded the academic degree of "Doctor" ("philosophiae doctor", abbreviated "PhD."). The abbreviation "PhD." is written after the surname.


In accordance with Section 2 of the § 65 of the Act 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on amendments to certain laws, the studies according to the study programme must not exceed the standard length by more than two years.


Matej Bel University has been teaching in the credit system based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) principles at all faculties since 2001. The credit system of studies at Matej Bel University applies to all forms and stages of study.





The credit system of studies is based on credit collection and transfer. Credits are allocated for the compulsory, elective and optional subjects, which you will take within the course of the particular study programme. The credits gained in the study courses at the home faculty are considered together with the periods of studies in another faculty of Matej Bel University or at other universities in the Slovak Republic and abroad.


In accordance with the Study Regulations of Matej Bel University the number of lessons for full-time studies has been determined to be a maximum 22 hours a week. The number of lessons in external studies is four times the weekly number of lessons of full-time studies. The subjects in the recommended study plan have been formulated to respect the maximum weekly number of 22 hours and the minimum number of 2 credits for one subject.


The subjects involved in the credit system are registered in the Academic Information System (AIS). In order to successfully complete your studies, you are obliged to complete all of the compulsory subjects of the study programme and to obtain the required number of credits for elective subjects. You can select the elective subjects yourselves based upon your own decision or upon the guidance of a credit coordinator at the corresponding faculty, out of the subjects offered by your faculty or another faculty of MBU.


The elective courses include the subjects of another study programme offered by a faculty or other faculties of Matej Bel University. In the bachelor study, elective courses make up 10% of the number of credits while in the Master / Engineering study, they make up 15% of the number of credits. This means the elective subjects represent 6 credits in bachelor studies and 9 credits in Master / Engineering studies out of the total number of 60 credits per academic year.


The deadlines for registration of the courses of the study programme are defined in the academic year time schedule. In the first stage, you subscribe to subjects within the faculty (April) and within MBU (May). The students in their first years of study following the admission subscribe to the selected subjects in accordance with the guidance of the respective faculty in August – September. More information on selecting subjects offered by another faculty can be found in Study guides published in the AIS. AIS enables the student to add a subject from the recommended study plan of the study program in his faculty and at the same time, to find a subject offered by another study program of the faculty and other MBU faculties. The maximum number of students subscribed to the subject can be determined by so called limitation. The range of subjects of the study programme and the determination of the number of students for one subject fall under the responsibility of the particular departments (department subject offer).


The credit system allows students to follow a certain professional direction within the registered study program while creating space to expand students´ knowledge in the subjects not involved in his curriculum.


Please, send any potential problems arising in connection with AIS enrolment and registration of subjects in electronic form to the AIS administrators in the faculty.




Social scholarship provided from the state budget

Granting any scholarships (social, motivation, doctoral) and loans to MBU students is directed by the UMB Scholarship Orders approved by the Academic Senate of MBU on 1st October, 2007.


Student loan fund of the Slovak Republic

Obtaining a loan from the national Student Loan Fund represents another possibility of covering the costs associated with the studies; more information on


Social scholarship

It is granted to students of full-time study complying with the conditions stipulated in the Decree of the Ministry of Education 102/2006 Coll. on granting social scholarship to university students, the social scholarship is thus granted with respect to the amount of funds the particular Faculty disposes of within its budget.


The social scholarship is granted in a new amount from the first day of the calendar month in which the student has applied for the reconsideration of the granted social scholarship if the new amount of the social scholarship is higher than previously, otherwise it is granted from the first day of the month following the month in which the student has applied for granting new amount of social scholarship.




In accordance with Section 2 of § 106 of Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on amendments to certain laws (hereinafter referred to as Act) and on recognition of education certificates, the recognition is judged by:

a)        any University in the Slovak Republic offering study programmes in the same or related fields of study as indicated on the submitted education certificate. If the content of the study coincides only partly, the school is entitled to order the applicant for recognition to take additional examinations and possibly further elaboration and defence of the bachelor, master thesis or dissertation thesis. The school then decides on the recognition of education certificates pursuant to the Section 1 of the Act automatically, provided that there is an international agreement on mutual recognition and equivalence of education certificates and documents referred to in Section 1 between the States and the Slovak Republic.

b)        the Ministry, if there is no school in the Slovak Republic offering the study programmes in the same or related fields of study, as mentioned in the certificates submitted.


The application for the recognition of education certificates must be accompanied by:

  • opinion of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic,
  • copy of the diploma certified by a public notary,
  • diploma officially translated into the Slovak language (translation from the Czech language is not necessary),
  • copy of the diploma attachments certified by a public notary (copy of the examinations taken),
  • attachments of the diploma (copy of the examinations taken) officially translated into the Slovak language (translation from the Czech language is not necessary).



Fees for the recognition of education certificates issued by foreign universities pursuant to the internal directive of MBU no. 14/2011:


1. a decision on recognition of education certificates without additional examinations 75, - €;

2. a decision on recognition of education certificates after passing additional examinations 70, - €;

3. performance of additional examinations in the faculties 50, - €.

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