(full time, masters degree)

Field of study: Law

Form: full time

Degree: masters degree

Language: English, Slovak

Department: MBU Faculty of Law

Graduate profile

Graduates of Master's Degree Study (Mgr.) Graduate from the study field Law during the study acquires scientific and practical knowledge, manages basics of theory and methodology, yields preconditions for the acquisition of other scientific areas related to the field of law; graduate may apply his/her knowledge in all legal professions and administrative functions, in the judiciary, in the prosecution service, in corporate practice, in government; he/she can actively work in the field of international relations and diplomacy, in the spheres of international law and economics. Graduates are able to: - Apply the legal standards in core areas of legal practice according to the principle of lawfulness; - Use the law in the management of social processes; - Acquire special knowledge of legal disciplines according to the needs of practice, respond creatively to regulatory developments and new content of legal regulations and implement them in practice; - Apply the legal rules adopted within the European Union.

Acceptance conditions

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS for Master´s Degree Study (2nd level – Mgr.): The basic requirement for admission to a Master's Degree Study is successful completion of the Bachelor's Degree Study - 1st level of the study programme Law, field of study Law. Certified copy of the diploma of completion of the Bachelor's Degree Study must be sent by 2 July 2020, no later than by the date of the study enrolment. Other admission requirements for Full-Time and Part-Time Study: - By order of the weighted study average of Bachelor's Degree Study; - Graduate of Bachelor's Degree Study from another Faculty of Law, is obliged to submit, as an attachment to the application, transcript of the Bachelor's Degree Study. Number of applicants accepted will be in accordance with the approved plan of the number of applicants accepted for the academic year 2020/2021.


Admission procedure date:06.07.2021 - 06.07.2021
Online application deadline:
From: 20.09.2020
To: 30.06.2021

Application fees

Application fee: 60,00 €

Online application fee: 57,00 €

  • Academic year: 2021/2022
  • Estimated number of accepted: 120
  • Number of submissions: 0
  • Number of submissions last year: 96
  • Number of accepted last year: 90
  • Years of study: 2
  • Language: English, Slovak
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