Business Economics and Management

(full time, bachelor degree)

Field of study: Economics and Management

Form: full time

Degree: bachelor degree

Language: English

Department: MBU Faculty of Economics

Graduate profile

The economic education, general knowledge and practical skills and intensive language training gives the graduates of the Faculty an excellent chance to find a job at home and abroad, in economic and managerial positions of the middle and top management in tourism, companies, tax and customs offices, in the financial market and commercial banking, in public services and regional development organizations and in state and local government.

Acceptance conditions

The admission requirements apply equally to all Bachelor´s programmes of the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University. ALL the applicants for full-time study and part-time study will be accepted for their study WITHOUT PASSING ENTRANCE EXAM. The basic condition is the completion of secondary education. The candidate who fails to prove in time that he / she meets the admission requirements can be conditionally admitted to study if they do so on the day of enrolment for study at the latest. Applicants for a study program in English coming from other than a member country of the European Higher Education Area are required to attach an internationally accepted IELTS certificate with a minimum entry score of 6.0 to their application for study. Students who have completed the previous degree abroad must have the diploma recognised in the Slovak Republic. The admitted students shall submit the document recognising the diploma no later than the day of enrolment.

Entry exam

Anglický jazyk a Ekonómia, Nemecký jazyk a Ekonómia, Ruský jazyk a Ekonómia


Admission procedure date:08.06.2020 - 11.06.2020
Online application deadline:
From: 01.11.2019
To: 30.04.2020

Application fees

Application fee: 35,00 €

Online application fee: 32,00 €

  • Academic year: 2020/2021
  • Estimated number of accepted: 30
  • Number of submissions: 34
  • Number of submissions last year: 66
  • Number of accepted last year: 43
  • Years of study: 3
  • Language: English
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