Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici

Service portfolio

For students and graduate students:

  • individual career counselling,
  • group career guidance,
  • job fairs,
  • workshops, lectures, presentations and seminars of companies,
  • consultations (CVs, cover letters, etc.),
  • advertising of part-time jobs, traineeships, internships and job offers,
  • publishing of the topics of final theses,
  • providing information about the possibilities of personal development during the study and
  • information about current trends on the labour market.


For employers and companies:

  • presentation of the company at job fairs (University Career Day, University Job Day),
  • advertising of temporary jobs and job offers in virtual form on the UMB Career centre website, on the UMB Career centre Facebook and via AIS and in printed form on the UMB Career centre notice boards located at individual UMB faculties,
  • publication of the banner on the UMB Career centre website,
  • organization of tailor-made activities for students and graduates (workshops, lectures, presentations, seminars, etc.),
  • preparation of tailor-made courses and teambuilding activities.


For public:

  • training programs aimed at the development of a set of personality traits and interpersonal skills (communication, assertiveness, presentation skills, teamwork, self-knowledge, self-assertion, problem solving, conflict solving, people management, etc.),
  • tailor-made courses for individuals and groups,
  • teambuilding activities.


The employees of the UMB Career centre, including the career counsellor, follow the ethical standards developed by the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance IAEVG. They are available on the IAEVG website.

Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica