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Allocation of accommodation

The complete database of those who apply for accommodation, the list of students with allocated accommodation and those who were not allocated accommodation, other information regarding allocation of accommodation at Dormitories ŠD1, 2, 3, 4, 5 can be obtained at SÚZ UMB Trieda SNP 53 Street, 048/ 446 69 17

Allocation of accommodation at any MBU dormitory is processed centrally at SÚZ UMB and ŠIR. Your applications should not be sent to the separate dormitories or deanships of faculties. The head of the dormitory will only accommodate those students who are on the list from SÚZ UMB, or from Student Dormitory Council.

The capacity of SÚZ UMB for full-time students: 2 265 beds for 6 MBU faculties.

The applications for accommodation for Matej Bel University students studying full-time in their first, second or third degree of studies and allocation of accommodation are the competence of SÚZ UMB.

Students in the external form of studies can only be accommodated in a short-term period as guests after the agreement with the head of the dormitory.

The dormitories of SÚZ UMB provide accommodation to the full-time MBU students for the duration of the academic year (2,260 beds) and to students studying in the external-form of studies in the form of short-term accommodation. Furthermore, SÚZ provides accommodation to MBU employees, external MBU cooperators, and working visitors.

None of the SÚZ UMB dormitories is built barrier-free. The entrance into ŠD 1, 2, 3 buildings is through stairs, the entrance into ŠD 5 is barrier-free. There are lifts in all buildings. In ŠD 4 building there is no lift, the entrance is direct but there are stairs in the hall.

For students with severe disabilities (wheelchair, blind etc.) it is recommended to inform the directorate of SÚZ before or when applying for a bed.

The process of allocation of beds for full-time students for the academic year is solely the responsibility of the Director of SÚZ who cooperates closely with the Student Dormitory Council.

The allocation of beds is not the administrative procedure and the student does not qualify to it by law.

The allocation of beds takes place annually in stages depending on the student´s years of study.

The student in first, second or third cycle is assigned a bed in a dormitory for the respective academic year, i.e. for 10 months.

Rent is paid in three stages; a student is obliged to pay for the bed by bank wire transfer:

  • for the period 02 September - 31 December (first payment) it is paid before the start of accommodation at the dormitory at the latest on 20 August
  • for the period 01 January – 31 May (second payment) is paid in January
  • for the period 01 June – 30 June (third payment) is paid in cash directly to the head of the dormitory

Any adjustments to payments will be announced to students by public notices on the bulletin boards at dormitories.

Information about the results of individual procedures of allocation of accommodation taking place in rounds will always be available at date stated as the dateline for results. Until then the dormitory reserves the right of refusal to disclose information due to a mass processing of input data and their evaluation.

Due to the compliance with deadlines, we encourage applicants not to request for early information, as this significantly delays the process and evaluation of applications.

Note for all applicants for accommodation.
Students can ask the head of the dormitory for information about free bed during the academic year even beyond declared rounds for the allocation of beds. No written request for bed is needed in such a case. There is no guarantee that the bed will be free during the academic year as it is a matter of chance; no one from SÚZ can estimate free beds during the academic year.

In case a student should send any request for bed beyond the deadline for applications, or should they sent their applications repeatedly, the SÚZ Director will decide on it within 15 days of receipt. If no decision is declared, the application shall be considered rejected. The applicant should ask for information about their request in person or by phone at SÚZ 048/446 6917.


The Accommodation Contract



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