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Although Slovakia is still not a country with much achievement in the field of gender equality policies and practices, UMB has been one of the most active universities in Slovakia in this area. Several members of the UMB “gender” team are in the university/ faculty management positions (Vice-Rector, Vice-Dean, Head of the Research Institute) which is a good precondition for implementing structural changes in the institution. UMB team consists of scholars involved in gender equality basic and applied research. They represent several faculties and are part of an informal university network on gender and science that was created during the GenPORT (FP7) project. The strength of the team expertise is its multidisciplinarity (anthropology, economics, education sciences, linguistics, sociology) and long-term experience with EU projects and initiatives. Involved departments:


The Department of Social Studies and Ethnology

The Department of Slovak Language and Communication

The Department of Pedagogy

Research and Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Economics

Department of Public Economics and Regional Development




prof. PhDr. Alexandra Bitušíková, CSc.docentka

Phone 048/446 7327, 1165


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