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    Being aware of the social responsibility for fulfilling the mission and values of MBU, our priority is to provide quality higher education with appropriate teaching methods and to create suitable conditions for quality creative activities while strictly protecting the health and safety of MBU students and employees. Our priority is to ensure a healthy and safe environment, respecting the anti-epidemic measures issued by competent authorities in order to provide higher education and ensure full operation during the COVID-19 pandemic by teaching in person.

    The MBU Crisis Committee focuses on taking measures in connection with the spread of COVID-19. Their task is to monitor the epidemiological situation and to accept necessary measures, respecting the recommendations of applicable laws, government resolutions, decrees, measures and decisions of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. On 25 August 2021, the Rector's Board of MBU decided that the teaching process in the academic year 2021/2022 will be realised in person. For this reason, all Faculties will start the academic year with classes held in person. The only exception is the Faculty of Law of MBU, where the teaching process will be held online, due to the reconstruction of the Faculty premises.

    Pursuant to currently valid decrees of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, relevant state authorities, and the Guidelines of the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic regarding the implementation of teaching in person and online teaching for university students during the COVID-19 pandemic, and according to the COVID Automat (version 4.1 dated 10 August 2021), in order to maintain a safe environment at MBU during the COVID-19 pandemic, to systematically monitor the epidemic situation and to take anti-epidemic measures, the MBU will follow the COVID Automat, taking into account the basic measures related to the particular levels of risk.

    The main objectives of applying the valid guidelines and recommendations applicable at MBU include:

    • to protect public health,
    • to protect health at work,
    • to maintain safe environment for students and employees,
    • to monitor the epidemic situation at MBU,
    • to provide an early warning against the uncontrollable spread of the disease so that necessary prevention measures can be taken on time in order to prevent the spread of the disease among MBU students and MBU employees,
    • to set operating conditions at all MBU components,
    • to observe anti-epidemic measures.

    MBU will proceed in compliance with the OTP measure of the COVID Automat (Vaccination, Testing, Overcoming). OTP relates to those persons who have been fully vaccinated, tested (validity of the test is 7 days), or persons who have overcome COVID-19 in the last 180 days.

    The management of MBU respects free will of each individual, however at the same time calls on all students and employees to carefully consider early vaccination against COVID-19 in order to protect themselves, as well as their relatives, teachers, university employees, fellow students, etc.

    The MBU Crisis Committee has adopted essential operating rules at MBU.

    Essential information

    • Education in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022 begins on 20 September 2021.
    • The grand opening of the academic year will be held online on 21 September 2021.
    • Organising public events is not recommended.
    • The F-D-H principle (face mask – distancing – hands) must be respected:
    • It is mandatory to wear face masks in all MBU interior premises.
    • 2-meter social distancing shall be observed.
    • Disinfection of hands is required at entering all MBU buildings.
    • It is desirable to reduce visits to the minimum.
    • Lectures with a large number of participants are subject to a special regime determined by valid regulations. The exact rules will be specified by the Deans of MBU Faculties/managers of MBU components.

    General rules

    • Observe anti-epidemic measures.Follow current measures and recommendations of competent authorities.
    • Monitor one´s current health before entering the University/Faculty premises.
    • Do not meet in large groups in workplaces or in interior premises of the University.
    • Do not meet in large groups in student dormitory rooms and student dormitory interior premises.
    • Do not enter the MBU premises if you suffer from acute respiratory disease, if you have clinical signs of COVID-19, if you have been ordered home isolation, if you have been ordered PCR testing or if you have been tested COVID-19 positive.

    In the event of the above mentioned, the MBU student/employee shall report these facts to the contact person at the respective Faculty/MBU component.

    Faculty of Economics:

    Ing. Ingrid Styková, +421 48 446 2128,

    Faculty of Arts:

    Ing. Ingrid Bottková, +421 48 446 7423,

    Faculty of Political Science and International Relations:

    Mgr. Lívia Kubičinová, +421 48 446 1222,

    Faculty of Natural Sciences:

    doc. RNDr. Marek Skoršepa, PhD., +421 48 446 7349,

    Faculty of Education:

    PhDr. Martina Straková, +421 48 446 4223,

    Faculty of Law:

    Mgr. Jana Miklóšiová, +421 48 446 3106,

    MBU Rectorate:

    Ing. Ján Halaj, +421 48 446 1168,

    Student dormitories of MBU:

    Ing. Juliana Čeperová, +421 48 446 6925,

    University Library of MBU:

    Mgr. Michaela Mikušková, +421 48 446 5206,


    Duties for students/employees

    • Observe anti-epidemic measures.
    • When entering the UMB facilities, everyone is obliged to disinfect his/her hands and cover his/her nose and mouth with a clean and dry facemask.
    • A person with symptoms of a respiratory infection that may correspond to symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever above 37 ° C, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, headache, fatigue, dizziness, loss of smell and taste, shall not enter the MBU premises and facilities.
    • If a student or an employee reports symptoms of COVID-19 during participation in teaching process or during the working days, s/he shall immediately leave the MBU premises using a face mask indoors as well as outdoors, and contact his/her general practitioner.
    • Students and employees immediately inform a responsible contact person at the respective Faculty or the MBU component by e-mail or telephone.
    • Students limit their mutual encounters with students from other MBU Faculties or other schools.
    • After using the toilet, students and employees wash their hands with disinfectant soap and dry them with disposable paper towels. Textile towels and air hand dryers are not recommended.


    Duties of MBU Faculties

    • Observe anti-epidemic measures.
    • Ensure thorough cleaning of the Faculty premises, ensure sufficient amount of disinfectants for personal hygiene and disinfection.
    • Ensure regular and short-term ventilation of rooms. It is not recommended to use air conditioning and ventilation systems with internal air circulation.
    • To ensure regular disinfection of work surfaces and disinfection of hygienic equipment in workplaces and auditoriums.
    • Ensure an adequate social distancing during the teaching process.
    • Keep accurate attendance lists for each seminar in case of an epidemiological inquiry.