Instructions for the international students

Dear student,

In connection with your arrival to Slovakia as an accepted international student of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and due to the current pandemic situation, we kindly ask for your attention to some necessary information.

Arrival to Slovakia

Travelling from abroad? You are obliged to register by filling-in the form “eHranica”:

Every person entering Slovakia by air is required to fill in also an electronic passenger search form (Public Health Passenger Locator Form) in connection with the protection of public health:


Before entering Slovakia it is necessary you get familiarized with all important information via following links:


Accommodating at Student´ Dormitories

International students can accommodate at the student dormitory from 2nd September 2021.

It is necessary to prove a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours when entering the student dormitory. The test must be performed in the Slovak Republic, as the negative test from abroad will not be accepted for this purpose.

* Update: In accordance with the valid legislation, in order to maintain a safe environment within the all premises of the Matej Bel University for the duration of the pandemic COVID-19, monitor systematically the development of the epidemic and to take anti-epidemiological measures, the protocol „VTO (vaccinated, tested, COVID-19 overcamed)" of Covid Automat will be applied upon entering the Student Dormitories from September 02, 2021.

Protocol „VTO" applies to individuals, who are fully vaccinated, tested (PCR test not older than 72 hours or Antigen test not older than 48 hours) or with a proof of overcoming COVID-19 disease in the last 180 days.

The rules still apply for the foreign students/lecturers arriving from abroad entering the territory of the Slovak Republic


Possibility of mandatory quarantine at the Student Dormitory of Matej Bel University

Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica will provide to its international students the quarantine place for the 5-days of self-isolation, which will end with the COVID-19 test.

We recommend to use such quarantine regime also for those international students, who will not be accommodated in the dormitories and have booked another type of accommodation.

  • Quarantine place: Students´ Dormitory of UMB – ŠD 5, Ružová ulica č. 15, Banská Bystrica.

The accommodation is organised in the groups of 5 persons in one common accommodation unit.

The quarantine accommodation is a paid service. The amount of 165 EUR is paid in cash by each international student upon arrival to the quarantine place. The fee covers real costs of a 6-day stay including the waiting-time needed in order to receive the test results.

Student will be provided with a following:

  • accommodation in ŠD5,
  • full-board,
  • COVID-19 PCR test,
  • transfer from ŠD5 to the designated Students’ Dormitory
Mandatory 5-day quarantine at ŠD5 UMB can be start as follows (choose one of the dates): 
  • 26. 08. 2021
  • 30. 08. 2021
  • 06. 09. 2021
  • 10. 09. 2021
  • 14. 09. 2021
  • 17. 09. 2021
  • 20. 09. 2021

Entry to a specific quarantine date is possible only on the basis of a confirmed reservation from the International Cooperation Office coordinator.

If you wish to use such a service:

  • first contact the International Cooperation Office coordinator - Mrs. Jana Hubáčeková via email:;
  • please inform her about your interest of the quarantine accommodation, start date of the quarantine, date and time of your arrival to Banská Bystrica;
  • afterwards the coordinator will make a reservation for you at the quarantine place;
  • confirmation of the reservation and other necessary information will be provided to you via email.

Please note, that you will be asked to prove yourself with a confirmation of registration at eHranica upon entering the quarantine accommodation (


Acceptance Letter issue

In case you need to issue an acceptance letter for the purpose of entry the territory of the Slovak Republic, please contact Mrs. Jana Hubáčeková via email:  


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