Instructions for the accommodation process of foreign students



Dear Student,

As we have already informed you in the instructions issued on 21 August 2020, each International Student who will be accommodated in the Students' Dormitories of UMB in the Winter Semester 2020/2021, is obliged to remain in a mandatory minimum 5 days of self-isolation (quarantine) before he/she can be accommodated and to provide a confirmation on the negative results of the COVID-19 test.

UMB will provide to its International Students for the mandatory 5 days of self-isolation (quarantine) which will end with the COVID-19 test.

Quarantine place: Students' Dormitory of UMB ŠD 5, Ružová ulica č. 15, Banská Bystrica.
The accommodation is organised in the groups of 5 persons in one common accommodation unit.

The accommodation at Students' Dormitory of UMB is a paid service. The accommodation fee in the amount of EUR 200 is paid in cash by the International Student at the arrival to the Students Dormitory to start the quarantine regime. The accommodation fee covers real costs of a 6-day stay including the waiting-time needed in order to receive the test results:

  • Accommodation in Students' Dormitory ŠD5,
  • All-day diet,
  • Cleaning services
  • Disinfection of premises
  • COVID-19 test,
  • Transport from ŠD5 to the designated Students' Dormitory
  • Security service.

In case of the necessity of further stay at the students' dorm, the student will be obliged to pay 30 EUR extra fee per day.

You can start your 5 days of self-isolation (quarantine) in ŠD5 UMB in the following terms: 3 September 2020, 7 September 2020, 10 September 2020, 14 September 2020.

The student will be allowed to enter the quarantine upon confirmation of the international relation officer of their faculty.

The International Student who decides to complete the quarantine and undergo a test for COVID-19 individually outside UMB will prove the negative test results for COVID-19 at the arrival for accommodation and at the enrolment for studies.

We recommend to use the UMB quarantine regime also for those UMB International Students who will not be accommodated in the Students' Dormitories of UMB in 2020/2021, but have secured another accommodation.

Should you be interested in using this service, please contact the International Cooperation Officer at your faculty: