Instructions for the accommodation process of foreign students



Dear foreign students, lecturers.

In addition to the valid decree, published at and the guidelines published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic at, it is necessary to comply with other rules introduced by Accommodation Facilities of the UMB.

Due to the worsened pandemic situation a negative PCR test, performed in the Slovak Republic, not older than 72 hours, is required from all foreign students and lecturers, who come to stay at the student dormitories for the summer semester 2020/2021. PCR test form other countries is not sufficient!



Step by step to get your ACCOMMODATION IN THE UMB student dormitory:

1. Report us the date and time of your arrival to Banská Bystrica by e-mail. Send the e-mail to the coordinator of the Department of International Office at the given Faculty. Based on this, we can register you online for your PCR test. You will receive detailed information about your reservation (day, time, place) by e-mail. Ordering a PCR test is mandatory and cannot be canceled!


The student will be tested by PCR test in the Slovak Republic as how the online system orders it. FEE FOR THE PCR TEST IS 65 EUR and IT WILL BE PAID BY THE STUDENT!


Contacts of UMB Faculties:


2. Before PCR testing the student can come to the Student Dormitories, where she/he will be accommodated in a quarantine room.

3. During the quarantine, the food from the canteen is provided (not during the weekends) for payment in cash:

  •               Breakfast - 2,50 €, Lunch 2,10 €, Dinner 2,10 €

4. You can enter your accommodation after receiving a negative PCR test result.


Absolving the quarantine with the provision of the food and ordering the test is provided ONLY FOR ERASMUS+ STUDENTS. Other students are obliged to arrange it themselves.

 Valid since 3. 2. 2021