Important information for students!

Dear students,

following the current situation with regards to the spread of COVID-19, the management of MBU approaches you with the essential set of information below:

We ask all students with permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic to left the MBU student homes - no later than by Tuesday 17th March 2020, 12:00 AM.

All foreign students accommodated in MBU student homes are guaranteed, despite the emergency and critical situation, the provision of accommodation for the entire period of interruption of the presence form of teaching at MBU.

If foreign students currently staying in MBU student homes are interested in returning to their home country, they can do so solely on their own responsibility.

We draw attention to the constantly changing and increasingly complex and challenging conditions of international transfers nowadays.

We cannot predict the exact timing or scope of the interruption of the presence form of teaching at MBU at the moment.

Foreign students who decide to stay in MBU student homes are in no way recommended to travel outside Slovakia.

We strongly urge all students to respect the measures taken by the Slovak authorities (see The Central Emergency Staff of the Slovak Republic: and Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic:

In Banská Bystrica, March 13, 2020

doc. Ing. Vladimír Hiadlovský, PhD.
                                                                                            Rector of MBU



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