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European University Alliance - EMERGE

Emerge logoMatej Bel University in Banská Bystricia is a member of eMERGE European University Alliance together with six outstanding institutions of higher education from various European countries:

Sveučilište u Mostaru (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is the associated partner of the consortium.

Although eMERGE members are located far from the centre of Europe, European ideals and values are central for our institutions. Our purpose is to increase inclusion and engagement from and in the European periphery; to create a model of excellence in teaching, learning and research involving our students, staff and the wider community.

Our focus is on freedom of movement as a fundamental European value. All of the eMERGE partners have a long-standing and strong commitment to Erasmus+, but there are particular challenges associated with supporting mobility in these peripheral spaces, for complex socio-economic and logistical reasons.

We will produce a transformational and sustainable educational capability that enables a personalised educational journey for students and equips them to tackle global challenges. Our multilingual European community will develop towards an enhanced plurilingualism. All major and minor languages of the consortium will play a part to enable beneficiaries to engage in meaningful regional and global development.

As we are all research-intensive institutions, eMERGE aims to become an interdisciplinary research hub, innovatively and creatively addressing the challenges of the current and future world through a peripheral lens.

eMERGE has a strong focus on engaging with our communities. eMERGE will impact on our students, our regions, our staff, our institutions and our stakeholders.