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Student assessment and evaluation

In accordance with the Study Regulations of Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, the course is usually evaluated with a mark. This mark represents the acquired knowledge or skills in accordance with the objective described in the Module Description.

Successful completion of some study duties in the first and second cycle and some selected subjects of a scientific study programs in a third cycle are evaluated with the note "Absolvoval" ("Passed").

Evaluation mark in all forms of study is given based on the total percentage the student gained in accordance with the grading scale for the study results evaluation, which consists of six grading levels:
a) A (100-94%) - excellent (outstanding results) = 1;
b) B (93-87%) - very good (above average) = 1.5,
c) C (86-80%) - good (average results) = 2
d) D (79-73%) - satisfactory (acceptable results) = 2.5,
e) E (72-65%) – sufficiently (results only meet the minimum criteria) = 3
f) FX (64% or less) - fail (results do not meet the minimum criteria) = 4th

Students receive credits for the course, if their results are between the grades A to E, respectively, or if their evaluation is marked with "Absolvoval".

Student assessment and evaluation