Inclusion and Accessibility, Housing, Visa and Insurance for Incoming Erasmus Students

Inclusion and Accessibility

The candidates with disabilities can only be accepted after the consultation with the direct contact point - Erasmus faculty administrator. The institution will provide support to incoming mobile participants with special needs.



Studets´ Dormitories:

All short - term exchange students are offered a possibility to apply for a dormitory accommodation. We offer single bed-rooms, double-bed rooms or three-bed rooms with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

We cannot always guarantee a single room on request, as we usually face a large number of applications.

Dormitory rooms are comfortable. Kitchens are equiped very simply including fridge and cookers.


Computer Rooms and Internet Connection:

Internet connection is available in every dormitory and faculty. We offer several computer rooms with free access to the internet. Students can use their own notebooks for the cable internet connection in reserved areas.


Accomodation Fees:

Accommodation fees are very student-friendy, paid in cash for the whole stay in advance. For the single room it is  €66/month, for double bed room it is €62/month, three-bed room is €59/month (These prices vary every year and may not be the same for different dormitories). Registration requires to provide a passport or ID card and 2 photos.

International Students are requested to send their Accommodation Application by email directly to the Faculty administrator.

We do not offer any private accommodation and we do not assist in organizing one. 


Stay of a third country national:

Each student from non EU country should apply for and have  the Schengen or National visa and Temporary Residence Permit.

Short stay Visa Calculator:

  • Temporary residence permit – business, employment, study, special activities, research and development, family reunification, meeting of work obligations within the Civil Armed Police Forces, granted status of a Slovak national living abroad, or granted status of a long-term resident in another European Union Member State
  • Permanent residence permit – a permanent residence permit for 5 years, a permanent residence permit for an unlimited period, a long-term residence permit
  • Tolerated stay

Stay of a European Union citizen:

  • Stay for 3 months from the entry in the territory of the Slovak Republic – holder of a valid identity card or travel document – without any other conditions and formalities
  • Residence registration of a European Union citizen
  • Permanent residence permit of a European Union citizen

Nationals of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not need visa for entering Slovakia. They should register at the appropriate foreign police office within 10 days after their arrival to Slovakia.

Nationals of other countries should contact the nearest Slovak Embassy in order to get information about visa and residence permit for temporary stay.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that residence permits for foreigners coming to Slovakia for carrying out activities in the framework of specific programmes (study, research, scientific, lecturer activities, or if it follows from the government programmes of the Slovak Republic are being issued under more fabourable conditions. 

Ministry of foreign and European Affairs of Slovak Republic:

Ministry of Interior of Slovak Repubic: 

Guide to administrative duties: Entry and Stay in Slovakia: 


The residence of a foreign national in Slovakia must be financially covered al least in the amount of the minimum subsistence level for each month of residence (as of July 2020 the amount of the minimum subsistence level is EUR 214,830/month). If the length of stay exceeds one year, the amount of 12 times the minimum subsistence level is required (as of July 2020 this adds up to EUR 2 577,96).



Health insurance

Nationals of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland should obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the health insurance institution to which they are affiliated before their arrival to Slovakia.

We recommend to nationals of other countries to get their health insurance valid for their entire stay in Slovakia before their arrival to Slovakia.

The Health insurance for foreigners generally covers the cost of health care and/or urgent health care provided to foreigners on the territory of Slovak Republic such as: ambulatory health care, general practitioner for children, youth and adults, gynecologist, other specialists,hospital health care, doctor's first aid and emergency health treatment, it also covers the costs of prescription drugs and medical aids, special care of pregnant women and newborn children, urgent dental care, preventive health checks and rehabilitation programs (to the same extent as for Slovak citizens) up to approx. 33 000 EUR, in case of Pregnancy insurance up to approx. 16 500 EUR.


Emeregency Medical Service

Outside regular working hours of GP's and specialists (during the nights and weekends) a necessary health care is provided by the Emergency Medical Service located in the Roosevelt Hospital.

Working hours: 16:00 - 7:00 on weekdays; 24 hours on weekends

In case of accidents, emergencies and other serious health problems call 112 or 155.


University Health Care and Dentist

General practitioner (GP): MUDr. Elena Draková

Dentist: MUDr. Jozef Hudec


Direct contact points: