Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici

Romance languages

Are you interested in Romance languages?

Do you want to learn their basics, repeat their grammar or speak using any of them?
The Department of Romance Studies of the Faculty of Arts, MBU offers you such an opportunity through the following choice from courses designed for all levels of university study:


Students in Bachelor studies:

Winter term

Summer term

1d-fj-027 French for beginners 1

1d-fj-027 French for beginners 2

1d-sp-024 Spanish A1

1d-sp-028 Spanish A1

1d-sp-025 Spanish A2

1d-sp-029 Spanish A2

1d-sp-026 Spanish B1

1d-sp-027 Spanish B1

1d-tj-001 Italian A1

1d-tj-005 Italian A1

1d-tj-006 Italian A2

1d-tj-002 Italian A2

1d-tj-003 Italian B1

1d-tj-004 Italian B2


Students in Master’s studies:

Winter term

Summer term

2d-fj-003 French for beginners 1

2d-fj-004 French for beginners 2

2d-sp-020 Spanish A1

2d-sp-024 Spanish A1

2d-sp-021 Spanish A2

2d-sp-025 Spanish A2

2d-sp-022 Spanish B1

2d-sp-023 Spanish B1

2d-tj-018 Italian A1

2d-tj-022 Italian A1

2d-tj-023 Italian A2

2d-tj-019 Italian A2

2d-tj-020 Italian B1

2d-tj-021 Italian B2


Students in Doctoral studies:

Winter term

Summer term

3d-fj-001 French for beginners 1

3d-fj-002 French for beginners 2

3d-sp-001 Spanish A1

3d-sp-005 Spanish A1

3d-sp-002 Spanish A2

3d-sp-006 Spanish A2

3d-sp-003 Spanish B1

3d-sp-004 Spanish B1

3d-tj-001Italian A1

3d-tj-005 Italian A1

3d-tj-006 Italian A2

3d-tj-002 Italian A2

3d-tj-003 Italian B1

3d-tj-004 Italian B2

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