Irish Studies and Irish Language

Dear students of Matej Bel University (2020/2021 Academic Year)

You are offered an extraordinary chance to sign up to classes in

Irish Studies and Irish Language

(lectured by Irish-language speaker and graduate of University College Cork in Ireland, Criostóir Ó Loingsigh, M.A.)


...and become a nominee for a Scholarship to Ireland

For more information contact:

Mgr. Anna Slatinská, PhD., anna.slatinska

Criostóir Ó Loingsiġ, M.A.

Dept. of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, UMB

  • The initial meeting of all students interested will be held at the end of September 2020 (exact date will be specified soon)
  • Irish Language and Irish Studies courses will be taught at the Faculty of Arts, Tajovského 51 respecting the rules of hybrid form of teaching.
  • The Irish Language class will include an introduction to conversational Irish, as well as folktales and folksongs, traditional and modern poetry and literature, and Irish phonetics with the basics of the International Phonetic Alphabet

Subjects´ codes for Irish language (Írsky jazyk) and Irish studies (Írske štúdie):

1-for beginners, 3 – for advanced


Bachelor´s program


Írsky jazyk 1


Írsky jazyk 3


Írske štúdie 1


Írske štúdie 3


Master´s program



Írsky jazyk 1
2dajs-306  Írsky jazyk 3
2dajs-307  Írske štúdie 1
2dajs-311  Írske štúdie 3


Enrolled students are welcomed to attend an initial meeting after the new academic year´s opening (the exact date will be specified later).