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Irish Language Course

We are delighted to inform all students at UMB that the Minister of State for the Irish Language, the Gaeltacht and the Islands, Seán Kyne, T.D. approved the funding for the Irish language and Irish studies teaching at Matej Bel University again for three academic years beginning in 2019/2020 and finishing in 2021/2022.

Irish Language course has been offered to all future Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students from 2019/2020 on:

  • Irish Language 1
  • Irish Studies 1
  • Irish Language 2
  • Irish Studies 2

It is focused on the rudiments of the Irish language and Irish studies dealing with key components of the Irish national and cultural identity. The seminar attendees are not subjected to fulfill any previous requirements. Each participant will have a chance to experience what a difference it makes to learn a Celtic language. After having completed both courses, students will have an opportunity to be awarded the Irish language scholarship enabling them to attend summer school in the Republic of Ireland. The courses will take place in the Gaeltacht areas, which are traditionally characterized as places in which Irish is still present, spoken,and maintained daily by inhabitants.

Students who enroll in the Irish language and/or Irish studies courses will be informed about every cultural event organized by the Department of English and American Studies. Please contact Mgr. Anna Slatinská, PhD. (anna.slatinska@umb.sk), or Antóin Ó Dúllaing MA., Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, Tajovského 51.


Antóin Ó Dúllaing, Faculty of Arts


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