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French Language course

Course objective
The main goal of the course is to actively maintain, improve, and develop communication in French. Participants will gain more confidence in using the French language - they will improve their fluency of speech and comprehension of information from the heard speech. Conversation topics can be adapted to the requirements of course participants.

Lecturer: doc. Mgr. Elena Baranová

Course scope: 24 hours (2 hours per week x 12 weeks)

Expected start of the course: January 23, 2020

Date and time of the event: every Thursday from 8.30 am until 10.00 am

Price: 98 EUR (6 people), 59 EUR (10 people)

It is possible to register for the course through an online application by January 20, 2020: -Training-kurz.html

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mgr. Petra Žaludová
course coordinator /

T: +421 446 1118 / M: +421 905 273 879