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Conversations in English Language

  • Start: will be agreed based on the interest of attendants
  • Length: 20 lessons
The main goal of the course: to actively maintain, improve and develop communication in English in the academic environment. Participants will gain more confidence and when using the English language - they will improve the fluency of oral speech, understanding of information from listening to academic speech.
Target groups:

University teachers, doctoral students, researchers. The expected level of English of the participants: A2, B1 or B2.


  • Writing emails – how to write an email
  • On the phone – responding the problems
  • Lectures in English, powerpoint presentations – non verbal, verbal communication
  • Education system - comparing
  • Meetings – language of meetings, argumentation, effective meetings
  • My workplace – organizational structure of an institution
  • Work motivation – motivational theories
  • Socializing – how to start up a conversation, small talk
  • Common mistakes in writing (Slovak – English)
  • Peer reviewing
  • Finding the research topic
  • Language of a research paper
  • Academic and professional language
  • Presenting your research

Course aims:

The graduate of the course will repeat, actively and improve a fluent conversation in English with partners in the academic environment.

Educational methods:

Pair work, discussion, group work, role-playing games, brainstorming, problem-solving tasks. The course can be adapted to the needs of the participants.
Location of the course:

New building of the Faculty of Economics MBU, Cesta na amfiteáter 1, Banská Bystrica, or other agreed place.

Lecturer PaedDr. Marta Valihorová, PhD. teaches professional English with an emphasis on economic terminology. She specializes in teaching business communication and in professional translation. She has experience in teaching English to various target groups of adults.


Certificate: After completing the course, participants will be awarded certificates.

Registration to the course

The course applicant can register for the course via the electronic application form:

Registration form

Contact: petra.zaludova@umb.sk

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