Activities at UMB in foreign languages

As an international community of students, teachers and other colleagues, Matej Bel University welcomes activities in various languages. We consider encounters with people from other cultures who are part of our university community as a valuable, authentic source of learning and teaching.


The UMB develops the plurilingual and intercultural skills of students through various study programmes as well as through individual subjects within non-linguistic study programmes. There is a growing offer of events and activities in foreign languages for MBU staff too.


Accredited study programmes and courses

  • Linguistic study programmes (Translation and Interpreting, Teaching of various languages) – English, French, German, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

Department of English and American Studies

Department of German Studies

Department of Romance Studies

Department of Slavic Languages

  • Non-linguistic study programmes (Bachelor, Master, PhD.) in foreign languages

Faculty of Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Economics (Studies in English)

Faculty of Economics (Francophone Studies)

Faculty of Arts

  • Elective language courses (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak for Foreigners, Spanish, Turkish) inside non-linguistic study programmes (natural and social sciences, humanities)

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Arts

  • Slovak language for international students:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Economics


In case of questions, or if you organize and want to report any activity in a foreign language / in Slovak  for foreigners, feel free to contact any of the following persons.

Let us develop an international atmosphere within the UMB as well as the wider community.

This website was developed with the support of KEGA 004UMB- 4/2019 “Plurilingual and intercultural edulab supporting university strategy of internationalization".