Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici

Study Programmes at UTA

Information on the options of studies at the MBU University of the Third Age in the year 2015/2016


Study at MBU University of the Third Age is organized pursuant to Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on amendments to certain laws, as amended and in compliance with Act no. 568/2009 Coll. on lifelong learning and on amendments to certain laws. Its aim is to develop and spread scholarship at all stages of life.

The lectures are given by the teachers and researchers from universities, Slovak Academy of Sciences and the selected highly qualified practitioners.


The MBU University of the Third Age offers the following programmes:


 1. Medicine – healthcare

Content: basics of medicine, health care, homeopathy, questions of neuroscience and clinical psychology – memory training


2. Gardening

Content: scientific information from the fields of fruit growing, vegetable growing and garden architecture


3. Beekeeping and Environmental Science

Content: science-based areas of human life and the laws of nature


4. Phytotherapy

Content: non-traditional forms of medicine focusing on plant nutrition and therapy and preventive measures of phytotherapeutic character


5. Nutrition and health

Content: healthy lifestyle focused on nutrition of healthy people, dietary improvements, healthy diet principles, food manipulation, nutrition during various diseases, and alternative ways of nutrition


6. History and theory of painting

Content: means of expression of the visual arts, visual arts in Great Moravia, Slovakia until the 20th century, international visual art – Romanesque, Gothic art, Renaissance and Baroque art


7. Drawing and painting

Content: theoretical and practical skills in drawing and painting


8. History of European civilisation

Content: modern history of Slovakia in the last two centuries


9. Law

Content: wide range of theory of law and individual branches of law – state law, civil law, inheritance law, family law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law, pension and social system and the issue of state funding, taxes and other specific legal issues


10. Social and diplomatic protocol and applied ethics

Content: social rules within etiquette, morality, legal awareness, public behaviour, gifts and donations, social events, business meetings and issues related to ethics


11. Psychology

Content: professional questions related to psychology, family psychology, mental hygiene, adult disorders, development of communication skills, conflict solving, communication in the family, etc.


12. Ethnology – traditional culture in Slovakia

Content: cultural development in Slovakia since the 19th century, spiritual and material culture –Slovak folklore, folk crafts and traditions


13. Information and communication technologies (computers)

Content: basics of information technologies, familiarization with a computer and its functions, other technical topics – spreadsheets, MS Excel, Internet, typing letters, digital photos, multimedia, web site creation, languages and tools for creating websites, chatting, MS Front Page, a GIS and other questions of information and communication technologies


14. Astronomy

Content: introduction and history of astronomy, astrological instruments and aids, orientation in the sky, solar system, the Earth as a planet, cosmic collisions, light pollution, practical astronomy


15. Language courses

Content: language courses in English, German, French, Italian or other languages


  • The individual courses will be opened only if there is a sufficient number of candidates who pay tuition for each area of study separately (at least 20 students in the group of the chosen field of study, except in specific fields of study).
  • The organizer reserves the right for non opening the field of study in case of a low number of applicants.


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