University of the Third Age


The MBU University of the Third Age (UTA UMB) is an institute providing education to the citizens of the third age.
It plays an important role in the process of creating opportunities for the elderly, with positive impact on their quality of life in older age.
The learners have an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in the disciplines being in direct response to their life experience, interests and abilities.


The MBU of the third age offers spare-time education in the following fields of study:


Phytotherapy § Medicine – care of physical and mental health § Gardening – herbal medicine, fruit growing, ornamental horticulture, special gardening § Landscape architecture § Beekeeping and Environmental Science § Nutrition and Health § Arts – History and Theory of Fine Arts § Arts – Visual Arts – Drawing and Painting § History § History of Music § Ethnology – traditional culture in Slovakia § Law § Social and diplomatic protocol § Psychology § Information and communication technology § Astronomy § English language § German language§ French language § Italian language § Spanish language


The study at MBU University of the Third Age is a six term course in the particular field of study. It is organised in the form of meetings once every two weeks. The academic year has two terms with the total number of 30 lessons per academic year.


The lectures are given by the renowned university lecturers and practitioners during the working days, mostly in the afternoons.


The teaching process involves creative discussions, excursions, cultural activities, physical activities.


Conditions for admission to the MBU University of the Third Age in the academic year 2015/2016


  • age – at least 40 years of age, disabled people are admitted regardless their age.
  • education – completed at least upper secondary education. If the applicant does not meet the requirement of the obtained secondary education, it is necessary to submit a written request for exemption from MBU education to the MBU directory.
  • register by completing the enrolment form, which should be sent, respectively submitted not later than the enrolment date (read the Enrolment form HERE).
  • come to the registration in the Rotunda auditorium of the Faculty of Economics UMB (Cesta na amfiteáter 1, Banská Bystrica) on the 22nd of September 2015 (Tuesday) at 13:00 p.m.
  • pay the registration fee.


Registration fee:

  • A pensioner in the field of study where the number of students in the study group is 20 students, shall pay 80, - € / academic year
  • Participants who are not pensioners shall pay 100, - € / academic year.
  • Selected courses (drawing and painting, information and communication technologies) where the maximum number of students in the study group is from 10 to 12, the fee for all participants is 100, - € / academic year.
  • Foreign languages, where the maximum number of students is from 8 to 10 and the number of lessons is double compared to other fields of study, the fee for all participants is 100, - € for each semester.


For further information contact the office of MBU University of the Third Age UTV UMB no. 526, 5th floor of the Faculty of Economics MBU, Cesta na amfiteáter 1 (near the City Park), on the mail address: or on a phone number: 048/446 62 30.