Winter School - ponuka pre študentov, doktorandov


Facing a new reality in the Baltic - Black Sea Regions:

confrontation vs cooperation as “a new normal”?



Park Inn Hotel, Velikiy Novgorod, 5th – 9th February 2017



Regional cooperation in the Baltic - Black Sea Regions had been one of the more successful areas of the European-Russian cooperation. The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had a decisive impact on regional stability and has changed the entire face of the megaregion. As a consequence, the “securitization” of relations and the mutual distrust on both sides overshadow the willingness to cooperate in the Baltic  - Black Sea regions – even in those “soft” areas where cooperation is a mutual interest, such as environmental protection, energy supply, maritime security

Since the political tensions between Russia and the West about the European security architecture is insolvable for the near future, the strategic patience is needed. In this sense, an important issue for us is whether and to what extent, the Baltic and Black Sea regional cooperation should be further affected by the escalated tension between Russia and the West. The crisis has created a new political context in which regional cooperation with Russia will need to take place. There is a need to rethink this cooperation and discuss various future scenarios in mid-term perspective. We should have comparative analysis which kind of model of regional cooperation is applicable for the Baltic and Black Sea Regions.

The Winter School is designed to bring together 40 - 50 graduate students, PhD students, young researchers and activists of public organizations from Russia and neighboring states discuss above mentioned topics. We much hope the open-minded discussion will be helpful for better interaction between Russia, NATO and the EU in the Baltic and Black Sea regions. The invited speakers are kindly asked to share their vision on the topic with participants in the format of round table discussion and brief presentations. On other hand, participants should elaborate own attitudes to the proposed topic and deliver their presentations. Working languages are Russian/English.



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